BioIQ® Diagnostics Corp.

BioIQ® Diagnostics Corporation is a developer of rapid testing tools for the detection of several key diseases. Our research has led to the development of the Rapid Test Kits™, a 60 second and 99.9% accurate medical diagnostic. Rapid Test Kits™ have been designed for the detection of HIV-1/2, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and cancer. BioIQ Diagnostics is currently interested in licensing the Rapid Test Kits™ to laboratories and distributors worldwide in order to quickly meet the huge global demand for fast and accurate diagnostics.

BioIQ® Diagnostics Corp. incorporated in 2015 and is based in Richmond, BC, Canada. BioIQ Diagnostics Corp. is a subsidiary of Platinum21 Capital Corporation.

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Unit 110 - 13160 Vanier Place, V6V 2J2

Richmond, BC, Canada

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6651 Fraserwood Place, V6W 1J3

Richmond, BC, Canada

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