Bernard Armani

Founder and CEO of BioIQ® Diagnostics Corp.


Bernard Armani has 20+ years of experience in the medical diagnostics industry. Armani founded bioLytical® Laboratories Corp. in 2000 and there, he personally developed and commercialized the INSTI® HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Antibody Test. This diagnostic kit was an innovation in rapid testing; it only took 60 seconds to perform and had an accuracy of 99.9%. To certify his kit with Health Canada, the FDA, the EU (i.e. CE marking) and other regulatory bodies, Armani conducted and succeeded in extensive clinical trials which ultimately used 19,600 tests. The kit has been widely successful: it is now being used in most hospitals in North America and has achieved the WHO prequalification status for home testing of HIV. In 2005, Armani’s achievements in both biomedical research and business earned him the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce located in British Columbia, Canada. That same year, Armani sold bioLytical® Laboratories for 10-times the value he invested into it.


Armani’s experience in medical diagnostics does not end there. He also developed the CRT 2000® Thermographic System, a non-invasive, full body scanning 510(k) medical device which measures changes in skin temperature in response to a cooling stimulus to determine the health of the underlying tissues and organs. Beyond medical diagnostics, Armani has 25+ years of experience in the broader biotechnology industry in North America, Germany and Switzerland. Armani has developed numerous pharmaceutical and homeopathic products, with a particular emphasis on dermatological products. He has devised unique methods of botanical and cellular extraction (e.g. in spagyric tincture) to create formulations for pleomorphic remedies and other products. To manage this wide variety of products and formulations, Armani founded Platinum21 Capital Corp. to control his various subsidiary companies such as BioIQ® Diagnostics Corp., Eidam Diagnostics, Deserving Health International and DermaMed Pharmaceutical.


To allow Armani’s 20+ years of research in medical diagnostics and rapid testing to benefit global health, BioIQ® Diagnostics Corporation is now licensing the Rapid Test KitTM for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C, hepatitis B and cancer to laboratories and distributors worldwide. The Rapid Test KitTM is based on his proprietary True Dot TechnologyTM, which has allowed rapid testing to become as quick as 60 seconds and to be as specific and sensitive as 99.9% all while implementing a unique IgG control to the test. With his expertise in both research and commerce combined with his new Rapid Test KitTM, Bernard Armani hopes to limit the spread and progression of disease everywhere.

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