How the Rapid Test Kits™ Works

After a mere 60 seconds and 7 steps, patients can know their results:


1. Clean fingertip with the provided alcohol swab.

2. Use lancet to pierce fingertip and draw blood.

3. Collect 50 µL of blood using the pipette.

4. Dispense the blood in the pipette into Vial 1 and mix by inversion.

5. Pour Vial 1 (Blood Diluent) onto the permeable membrane of the Rapid Test Kit™. Allow to flow through completely.

6. Pour Vial 2 (Color Developer) onto the membrane. Allow to flow through completely.

7. Pour Vial 3 (Clarifying Solution) onto the membrane. Allow to flow through completely. The results will immediately appear as small dots on the membrane.

Here's how to interpret the Rapid Test Kits™:

IgG Control Dot

Disease-Positive Dot


Both the IgG Control Dot and Disease-Positive Dot appear meaning the disease HAS been detected.



Only the IgG Control Dot appears, meaning the disease HAS NOT been detected.



The IgG Control Dot doesn’t appear, meaning test is invalid.


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