Introducing the BioIQ® Rapid Test Kit™


BioIQ® Diagnostics took the next step forward in medical diagnostics and disease prevention with the development of the Rapid Test Kit™. Based on our True Dot Technology™, the Rapid Test Kit™ enables the detection of various diseases in 60 seconds and with 99.9% specificity and sensitivity. The kit is easy to use and the results are easy to interpret. The Rapid Test Kit™ is all-inclusive, requiring no materials or equipment beyond what's already included in the kit.  Lastly, the Rapid Test Kit™ is compact and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, making it easily storable and transportable. These advances BioIQ® Diagnostics has made in rapid testing allow the Rapid Test Kit™ to greatly increase access to diagnostics, which is essential to getting people the appropriate treatment and reducing the spread of disease.

The Rapid Test Kit™ is an accelerated immunoassay that analyses whole blood, serum or plasma for the presence of particular antibodies or antigens. The Rapid Test Kit™ does this by using a permeable membrane blotted with antibodies or antigens that capture their conjugate antibodies and antigens in blood, serum or plasma. Captured antibodies and antigens are visualized using a set of specialized proprietary solutions.

The BioIQ® Rapid Test Kit featuring our True Dot Technology™

The Rapid Test Kit™ is based on BioIQ® Diagnostics' breakthrough True Dot Technology™. True Dot Technology™ has reduced the Rapid Test Kit™ testing time to 60 seconds and increased its specificity and sensitivity to 99.9%. Additionally, True Dot Technology™ has allowed for the addition of an IgG (Immunoglobulin G) Control Dot to the Rapid Test Kit™ that guarantees the validity of the test results.

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